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How to clean Firearm Borescopes

A borescope was used to capture all of the in-bore photos in this article. Nothing else compares to a borescope for seeing what’s truly going on inside your barrel. Rifling wear, throat heat checks, carbon or copper fouling, and machining markings are all visible in great detail. I’m going to promote borescopes because borelights, which […]

Age limits for guns

It is common practice to set legal ages for activities that require maturity such as voting, driving, and drinking alcohol. Purchasing and possessing a firearm necessitate the same, and in the United States of America, there exist the federal law and the state law which regulate the age limit for which one can acquire firearms. Federal law prohibits the possession […]

The truth on online guns

Like any other product, a consumer has the ability to purchase guns, ammunition, Kevlar, parts etc online. Selling guns online seems like a frightening prospect, but in reality it is more secure than most gun transactions. Online weapons sites are regulated by the Federal government through mandatory laws that require selling guns online to be administered legitimately. The most significant law regarding gun […]

Machine guns – Can You own one?

You’d be shocked at how many people in America (including gun owners) believe they’re illegal. True, according to the ATF’s definition, “any weapon that shoots, is designed to shoot, or can be readily restored to shoot, automatically more than one shot without manual reloading, by a single function of the trigger,” plus receivers and certain […]